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HowToStudyYourBible.gifHow to Understand the Bible
by Kay Arthur

This is the book that will teach you Kay Arthur’s method of inductive Bible study.

It is one of the best introductions to the Inductive Study method, and can be a helpful reference for the skilled inductive student.

This book is recommended reading with most of Precept Ministries International’s Precept Upon Precept courses.

UnderstandingAndApplyingTheBible.gifUnderstanding and Applying the Bible
by J. Robertson McQuilkin

This book is a more academic look at inductive Bible study, but very helpful and understandable.

Dr. McQuilkin has several additional features not found in other books on inductive study including chapters on the dangers of Natural, Supernatural, Dogmatic, and Existentialist tendencies in Bible study. He contrasts these other methods with the “Historical Grammatical method” he advocates.

Dr. McQuilkin discusses context and the importance of discovering the author’s intended meaning in our Bible study, and also describes a very helpful method for word study in addition to an introduction to structuring techniques.

ExploreTheBook.gifExplore the Book
by J. Sidlow Baxter

This book-by-book broad overview of the Bible analyzes the structure of each book, lists its special features, and suggests further reading.